Friday, November 25, 2011


This is our first ThanksGiving down here in St George! And we like it! It is Sunny and 64! We had T-giving dinner with great friends that also came down to St G. As they said, "It seems like EVERYONE we know is down in St George. There does seem to be a migration around this time of year.

We found an awesome kid friendly bike trail in Santa Clara that also has some Awesome petroglyphs called the Anasazi trail system. The kids got to ride, scamper and explore the boulders looking to see how many petroglyphs they can find- heaven for the kids. We liked them so much we returned for a hike there the next day.

In-between the fun we did put in some work to get some finishing touches done on the three bedroom like connecting the cable on all rooms, more art decorations, more lighting in the master bedroom and balcony repair. I think the remodel has come together very nicely. Our family sure is enjoying the stay and hopefully our guests will to.

Happy Thanksgiving!